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Tonight NBC's Thursday night comedies are celebrating the holidays with some hilarious looking episodes.  And after the jump we've got some sneak peaks for you.

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Earlier this year one of the most controversial and talked about documentaries was released, Exit Through the Gift Shop.  The movie is out now on iTunes and On Demand, and to celebrate we have a special giveaway  just for you readers.  Hit the jump to find out more.

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Last week I wrote about Glee's new storyline that covers bullying and the problem with bullying in our schools.  Little did I know that this week has been Anti-Bullying Week in some schools.  Today while I was reading the stories in my RSS feed I noticed one from Topless Robot (It's not as dirty as it sounds) that really got my blood boiling.

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Follow the jump for details on the series and how to win a great prize pack.


TBS new series Glory Daze is about a group of freshman students who decide to pledge a fraternity in the mid-80s.  The series centers on Joel (Kelly Blatz), a sweet geek who's not quite sure about pledging, Eli (Matt Bush), a sex obsessed virgin, Jason, a prudish young republican who plans to pledge the "preppy" fraternity, and Brian, a star baseball player whose being force to play by his dad.

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This week Glee started a storyline covering the topic of Bullying.  In the episode the bullying of Kurt, the show's openly gay character, goes from simple taunting to full-on physical attacks.  The story was inspired by the recent string of suicides caused by bullying.  The episode, titled "Teenage Dream" shows the teenage nightmare that many of the nation's youth deal with every day.

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This Thursday at 10/9c USA's Burn Notice returns with all new episodes!  I am a big fan of this show, which is kind of like MacGyver for today's audience, but only if MacGyver was about 20 times more Awesome and had the amazing Bruce Campbell in the cast.  Well the show is returning and to celebrate we're giving away some free SWAG, so continue after the jump for more info.