Friday, January 2, 2015

December 9, 2010.  That's the last time I posted on this blog, over 4 years.  At that time posting had been sporadic as I was trying to balance working as an attorney and maintaining a blog I loved.  In January of 2011 I stopped using blogger and moved to, which had previously just rerouted here.  I hoped that I would draw more views and would maintain the site.  Unfortunately it just became a hassle, forcing myself to write what mostly amounted to ads for whatever TV series NBC/Universal was pushing at the time.  I continued to post sporadically, mostly forcing myself to write something.  It stopped being something I enjoyed and turned into a job.  A job I wasn't getting paid for.  More than that the lack of comments and engagement with an audience left me feeling defeated.  So eventually, I stopped.  I let the website registration lapse, and I stopped writing about my favorite thing, entertainment.

Since that time I have left my former employer, started my own solo practice, worked on a documentary that I am co-producing, and started a fledgling art print company.  I spend most of my days doing legal work, usually with some TV show or movie on my second screen, my evenings with my wife and kids, and my nights watching movies and TV series, reading comics and novels, or playing video games.  My free thoughts are spent dwelling on whatever entertainment I just devoured, creating my own ideas (most of which never see paper), and dreaming of a day when I can work in the entertainment industry.  I don't know if that day will ever come, I don't know if I'll ever see something I created on screen, or in a book store.  But I'm still hopeful.

Over the past few months I've realized I missed writing about entertainment, typing up my thoughts on whatever movie I just watched, participating in phone interviews with the stars of various TV series, and whatever else the networks sent my way to work on.

So here I am, hoping to revive this blog and build it back up.  Hopefully in the next few months I can post semi-regularly, connect with my old sources, and start cranking out some material, material that you will hopefully enjoy and engage with.


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