Monday, January 29, 2007

Coming Soon, The Cinemaniac!
I hope to be posting about movies I've seen, Movies I hope to see, and what I think about recent Movie News and Rumors.
Also I will have a recap of what's coming out each week and what I hope to see out of each weeks offerings.
I am also going to try to have a Weekly DVD section, probably on Monday or Tuesday, which will point out new releases and what I feel are things to pick up or leave on the shelf.

Below I have added a few posts from my other blogs backdated to when they were posted.

I hope to have my first couple of blogs up soon, which will include my thoughts after viewing my first Akira Kurosawa film this week, my new quest to watch classic films, and What I'm looking forward too in 2007.

I'm currently working on how I want to frame my reviews and hope to get a good feel of what this blog will look like, I welcome any comments, criticisms (preferably constructive), etc.

I'm also working on the design of this site. I'm looking to make a Logo and fix the wite up to look nice, so if you have any suggestions, please contact me.

Hope to hear what you think of this site soon!


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