Thursday, April 26, 2007

So we just finished watching American Idol Gives Back and I have to say I'm amazed. Not only had they already raised $30 Million by the end of the two hour show (which is delayed by 3 hours for the west coast, which means they'd already probably raised a lot more) but the videos they showed were very moving.
Between the videos of Simon and Ryan in Africa to all the videos of hungry kids here in America it was really an amazing thing to see, and amazing to know so many were helping to give back to all those starving children.
There were two really Amazing moments tonight, one dealing with the charity and one was just an amazing performance. First Ellen DeGeneres, who was co-hosting the show, pledged $100,000 of her own money then challenged other celebrities/rich people that watched the show to match her donation, and called it ridiculous because they could back a huge difference. I don't care how what you think of her personal life, but she's an amazing woman and this just proved it to me.
Second there was a performance of the song "If I Can Dream" performed as a duet between Celine Dion and Elvis Presley. I don't know how the special effects work to make him look like he's actually right there on stage next to her, but they did a phenomenal job doing it. I recommend everyone download the video from iTunes, especially since the money goes to the Charity.

And lastly I urge you to head on over to and pledge some money to help give a child somewhere in the world some food, clothing, medicine, or education. It's easy to do and could help safe the life of a child.
God Bless!


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