Friday, May 25, 2007

Tomorrow is the 30th Anniversary of the day Star Wars (Now retitled Star Wars: A New Hope...LAME!) was released in theaters. To commemorate this occasion there is a huge Star Wars Celebration happening right here in LA, at the LA convention center. And what kind of a movie geek would I be if I didn't go since it's only a few miles down the road.
So of course I'm going. I will be taking the video camera and can hopefully get some great footage of some "Nerd-Lings" (as a friend of mine says) dressed in their costumes as they literally parade around (oh yes there is a costume parade!) I also hope to catch a glimpse of one George Lucas! I'll try and get some stuff online pretty quick.

Also I'm trying to lose weight this summer (hopefully about 30 pounds in 3 months) so any encouragement on your part is appreciated! Leave me some comments motivating me to eat better and work out, I'd appreciate it.

And one more thing (And really the main reason for this entry), by the time the next episode of Lost airs in February of 2008, I will be a father! That's right my wife is pregnant and we're expecting a child in late January/early February (I'll let you know the exact date) We are both extremely excited and can't wait to have our own Luke or Leia running around. (No, those are not actually baby names we are considering, although it would be fun to have a kid named Luke, just so I could say "Luke, I am Your Father!")
So if later this year, early next year my blog slows down a bit, you'll know why.


John said...

I like how you reference the time of the birth of your child to the airing of a television show. "That's right little Johnny (by the way, you should totally name your kid John), you were born right around the 4th season of Lost."

Anyways, try to look as attractive as I see you in my dreams.

Bruce & Celia said...

The TV/name thing tradition has already started. The first Tidmore grandson is MR. T
(Mason R. Tidmore)

Shea said...

It's Nerdlinger!

Luke and Leia??? ONLY...if you guys have twins...

Here's hoping!!! :-)

Javier Grillo-Marxuach said...

congratulations on your impending daddyhood - awesome news!

somechick said...

ok the dieting thing. 10lbs a month is...something. if it was 5 i would just say, exercise regularly and mean it. but 10...hmmm.....ok. you've gotta do food change, sorry. take out bread, carbs? more protien, but then work out immediately after to burn and turn that to muscle. good luck!
and *force* yourself to do the exercise regularly; buddy up if you have to for motivation.

Yukailin/Garfeimao said...

Total congrats on the baby thing. After your post on the Fuse, lots of people have been leaving you notes. The funniest is LostInMissPants, who suggests nicknaming the baby Tidbit.

I thought it was funny, so I'm letting you know about it.

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