Monday, November 12, 2007

The West Side Rental Man Shows His Support on Friday

I'm trying to keep up with Strike goings on here, since apparently the Media isn't going to do it, so I'm just going to dump a bunch of links here for great stories, websites, etc with strike info, as I'm very busy today.
If you're wondering why there's not much coverage blame the fact that most of it is owned by one of the giant corporations who the Writers are up against.
If there had been a protest/rally of 4000 (WGA estimate) to 5000 (LAPD estimate) people in any other city, or industry in the country it would have been on the front page of most papers across the country and all over CNN, Fox News, local news, etc. And I'm not sure how it is across the rest of the country, but here in LA where this is happening, it's been buried.
The LA times buried it in the Business Section, and not even on the front page. Most of the news broadcasts that did cover it, placed it well into the broadcast, if not at the end, and only did about 15 to 45 sec on it. In fact one channel had a story about kittens being brought into a police station to catch mice, which was at least 4 times as long as the WGA Rally coverage.

So here's some enlightenment:

As always United Hollywood is one of the best.
Also check Deadline Hollywood Daily, well daily.
Good Pictures Here.
Entertainment Weekly tell us why the writers are right.
Ask a Ninja: WGA Strike Special!
This guy made a pilot deal and was given the greenlight to write the script, the Friday before the Strike began.
Another Gentleman has set up a site selling Strike Swag including shirts and bracelets, with profits going to the WGA.
Fans4Writers have a Flickr site with Strike pictures (mine should be added there soon)
Lost's co-creator Damon Lindelof wrote this Op-Ed piece for the New York Times.
Exerpts of an e-mail written by Dale Alexander, a key grip on NBC's The Office, can be found here.
And finally here's a wonderful proposal to bring this all to an end from Michael Schur, a producer of "The Office"

And I will be posting my review of "No Country For Old Men" sometime in the near future, as well as that promised transcript of my interview with Kal Penn. I just have to finish a paper before then.


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