Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm doing a paper for one of my classes on the WGA strikes, so I had set aside today to do research on the topic. Instead of spending the day sitting in front of my computer I decided to head down to the Picket Line at CBS Radford.
I got the chance to talk to some wonderful people and I'm going to post a couple of the video interviews here.

First up is Pamela Ribon, a writer for the new hit comedy series "Samantha Who?" special thanks to Pamela for helping point me in the right direction and get some people talking to me. I should note that the video below was the second interview we did as I, somehow managed to make the boneheaded mistake of not recording the first interview.
You can read her blog here. Thanks to Pamela for linking here, and welcome all you new readers.
Also I should note that my computer has very limited Video Editing Capabilities at the moment so sorry for the crudeness of my edits.

Second is Donald Todd, the Executive Producer/Showrunner on "Samantha Who?" Todd was nice enough to share his thoughts on the strike.

Thanks to everyone who talked to me. Thursday morning I plan to head over to the Fox Studios as I don't have any classes. I'll try to put up whatever videos I can when I have the chance.


JonGrubbs said...

These are great, man! Nothing like actually getting on the street and learning as opposed to doing Google and Wikipedia searches. Which is what, unfortunately, I'm now a pro at. Ho-hum. Solidarity!

Bianca Reagan said...

Hooray for pamie! Both the person in front of the camera and the one behind the camera did great.

The CineManiac said...

Thanks Bianca,
I tried to do my best!
Keep up the great work writers. I'll be at the Fox lot tomorrow if anyone wants to do an interview.

Anonymous said...

Where did the videos go?!

The CineManiac said...

I don't know what happened, but the Videos are back up.

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