Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This Friday, Nov. 16 at 8pm, TV Land and Entertainment Weekly are presenting "The 50 Greatest TV Icons," a 2-hour special that celebrates the classic and contemporary stars who have made the biggest impact on TV history.

There are a lot of people you would expect like Johnny Carson, Bob Barker, Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, and Lucille Ball (Blah, I never Loved Lucy) But there's also some people who might surprise you, like a recent Vampire Slaying Girl, A Friend whose hair cut swept the nation, and a cartoon dad.

If you can't wait until Friday you can see their list i full here.

I have to be honest I was surprised at a few names that didn't make the top 50 like, Fred Rogers (who may have had an effect on more people than the 7 I mentioned above combined with his beloved children's show, still in reruns), Ron Howard, and Rod Sterling, the man who took us all traveling through another dimension. A dimension, not only of sight and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.

You can also play a game to see how you rank against the top 50, but since the top 50 list is already published it seems a moot point (or a "Moo Point" as my own beloved TV icon, Joey (Matt LeBlanc) might say) but if you want to play you can go here.

I may have to DVR the show so I can watch some of the classic clips, but I'll guarantee you one thing, I'll be pressing the fast forward button as soon as Lucy comes on the screen. (My bet is it's the "classic" candy factory assembly line, gag me)


Anonymous said...

I must have done something right!
You like Rod and hate Lucy.

The CineManiac said...

And My son will hopefully do the same!

Anonymous said...

What if Jeri LIKES Lucy, he's her son, too. Ya nevah know. SA Mom

Travis & Jeri Tidmore said...

No mom, I do NOT Love Lucy. Trav, I was thinking maybe the Vita-meata-vegamin episode. SADLY, very sadly, I have seen that one more than once...and it still gags me to think about it.


The Future said...

I completely agree!!! LUCY IS SOOO ANNOYING!!!

much like shouting in all caps, but I digress...

The Future said...

So as for the list...

Its crazy enough that the Fonz is ahead of Ron Howard, although he is almost on the list.

But to think Calista Flockhart would be above these:

Ron Howard
Fred Rogers
Ted Danson (Cheers, Becker)
Tony Danza (Taxi, Who's the Boss)
Merv Griffin (created Jeopardy AND wheel of fortune- both of which are still going)
Angela Lansbury (single handedly carried murder mysteries for a decade)
Candice Bergen (who's been in a lot)

And Dick Van Dyke behind Rosanne???? Are you kidding me??

What about Steve Urkel?

The CineManiac said...

Well clearly Calista Flockhart changed how skinny one woman could be and still be visible on screen so I get that one.

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