Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Well the cable was back on this morning, thank goodness, as tonight's Chuck was phenomenal!! Brice came back, There was an amazing fight scene in the Buy More, and it expanded the series mythology. All in all an amazing episode! Plus wonderful news that Chuck has been picked up for a full season!

Didn't get a chance to see any movies while in Texas, as we were given tickets to see the Spurs play on Friday night. We had some amazing seats (11 rows from the court!) and had a blast watching the Spurs win. Belows a pic i took with my phone from our seats.

Turned in on paper today, have another finished to turn in tomorrow, and will work tomorrow to finish a third. I'll also be taking a personal day Thursday so Jeri and I can get some stuff done, and just hang out together before school gets super crazy for awhile. Then its time to study for my first final and do some more research for my final big paper, on the writers negotiation and strike.

Speaking of the strike, today the WGA and the AMPTP began meeting to hash out a deal. Today over at Deadline Hollywood Daily one of Nikki Finke's sources told her that a deal may have already been reached through back channeling thanks to Agents (because if writers and actors aren't working, Agents aren't making money!) The source claims nothing will be settled by the end of this week, but that the deal should be done by Christmas.

My questions is if a deal is already in place, why won't we hear about it until Christmas? I imagine that if this is true, the deal is just a tentative one set out through the agents that both sides agree with. But now that they are meeting both sides will try to get a deal they see as better, while settling for the "deal" if it goes no where. So in essence this "deal" may be the sides BATNA or Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement, or the fall back position.

Here's hoping this thing ends soon, so all those great new shows with full season pick-ups can give us the episodes we want to see!


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