Friday, January 18, 2008

I Love You Beth Cooper
Some of you kind readers may remember my praise this summer for the wonderful book "I Love You, Beth Cooper!" The story follows Dennis Cooverman and his one night of adventure after professing his love for the titular Beth Cooper in his valedictorian speech at his high school graduation. Reading it I thought it was a perfect book to be made into a teen Rom-Com. And apparently Chris Columbus agrees with me.
Today Variety announced that Columbus is in talks to direct the movie for Fox and Heroes star Hayden Penettiere is in talks to play the lead character.
Personally I think this is perfect casting as Hayden is definitely beautiful enough to portray the messed up, cheerleader who slowly reveals her true self to Dennis over the course of one crazy night.
I'm hoping the next role cast will be Dennis himself, and I have to say I think McLovin himself would be perfect for the role as he's the perfect mix of overtly nerdy and secretly cool. My other top choice would be the amazing Michael Cera who has shown he can be the prefect mix of Awkward and Awesome in Juno, Arrested Development, and Superbad.
IF you haven't read this book and you love teen Rom-Com's, I'd advise you to go pick it up right now, and I just may have to go back and read my copy again.

First Image from Star Trek
Here's the first Official Image from J.J. Abrams New Star Trek feature, heading to theaters this December. It was released yesterday just prior to the release of the first teaser trailer which shipped with copies of Cloverfield which started screening last night at 12:01am.

Weekend Recommendations
Also with Cloverfield hitting screens today I plan on seeing it tonight. As long as my son doesn't finally arrive (Which I would love to happen as we are tired of waiting) I'll try to have a review up ASAP.
If you are looking for a fun, action/horror/monster movie romp which you know hardly anything about and may cause motion sickness I recommend Cloverfield as it's getting great reviews from sci-fi geeks.

If your looking for a good Rom-Com go see 27 Dresses which hits this week, Jeri and I saw it a few weeks ago and loved it. It's a great Romance and it's actually quite funny.

Also if you haven't seen Juno yet, I can't recommend it enough as it was the one of the best movies I saw last year.


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