Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Strike that is. The WGA East and West held a vote Tuesday on whether or not to end the strike now or wait until the agreement had been ratified. The Members voted overwhelmingly to end the strike now, as in 92.5%.
Writers who were employed at the time of the strike were expected to return to work today, and series are expected to begin airing new episodes in March (3-Camera Sitcoms) or April (1 hour Dramas and single camera Sitcoms)
And CBS has already announced it's schedule including return dates and the expected number of new episodes:
"How I Met Your Mother," March 17, 9

"The Big Bang Theory," March 17, 9

"Two and a Half Men," March 17, 9

"CSI: Miami," March 24, 8

"Cold Case," March 30, 5

"Criminal Minds," April 2, 7

"CSI: NY," April 2, 7

"CSI," April 3, 6

"Without a Trace," April 3, 6

"Ghost Whisperer," April 4, 6

"Numb3rs," April 4, 6

"NCIS," April 8, 7

"Moonlight," April 11, 4

"Rules of Engagement," April 14, 6

"Shark," TBA, 4

All of which makes this newly homebound CineManiac happy! (Even if some shows such as Chuck and Pushing Daises won't be back until next fall)


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