Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I loved Cloverfield. It was a fun, fast paced intense romp that worked the nerves. But I had clearly missed a few things the first time around, and I was curious as to how good it would stand up upon a second viewing. So yesterday afternoon I decided to see it again and see just how good it was, outside of the impact of seeing something new for the first time, and see what new things I could see. And I have to say it's still good.

Just like the first time, I had to continually uncurl my fists and whip the sweat off of my hands, just not quite as frequently. Also I was able to notice things I missed the first time, such as the amount of times you can see a clock and be clued into how much time has passed. Also I was able to spot whatever it is that falls into the ocean in the final scene.

But most of all it still worked as a movie. I was still concerned for the characters, I was still curious as to what the Monster is (and I still am), and it was still just as intense and funny as it was the first time.

But what works the most is still the use of the handheld camera and seeing the entire movie from Hud's point-of-view (Yes his name is Hud as in H.U.D. - Head's Up Display) While it may cause Motion (Picture) Sickness (Yeah I did!) in some viewers it makes for a heck of a ride, and lets the audience feel like they are part of the action.

I'll be picking this one up when it comes out on DVD, if only to see the making-of docs which are sure to be part of the special features. If you haven't seen it yet I can't recommend it strongly enough, just be warned it may cause you to hurl.


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