Monday, April 7, 2008

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said there was a potential "game changer" coming to Lifetime. Well today in the New York Times (where I hinted the story would first break) it was announced that Project Runway was heading over to Lifetime after 5 seasons at NBC Universal's Bravo.

And NBC Universal is none to happy about it. In fact they've filed a lawsuit against The Weinstein Co. claiming that the move violates their contract for the series, saying "NBC Universal has continuing rights related to Project Runway, including a right of first refusal to future cycles of the series, which the Weinstein Company unfortunately has refused to honor."

TWC on the other hand says
"We believe that this lawsuit is without merit," and it "is always unfortunate when parties try to win in court what they have lost in the marketplace."

Either way this is a huge deal for Lifetime as it gives them a guaranteed hit for the next five years. I'll try to score an interview with someone from Lifetime this week if possible.


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