Tuesday, April 29, 2008

For the first time since 2002 Mel Gibson has signed on to star in a movie. You mat remember Gibson as the actor who brought crazy to the screen with Lethal Weapon, Gave us Freedom in Braveheart, or fought aliens allergic to water in Signs (the last movie he starred in).

Since then Gibson has spent his time as a Director, bringing us the story of Jesus Christ in the gritty, realistic Passion of the Christ and the story of a Mayan man trying to make it back to his wife and son. Both movies were noted for their use of dead languages and subtitles to tell the stories.

Gibson will return in Edge of Darkness directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale). The movie written by William Monahan (The Departed) is based on a six-hour BBC miniseries from 1985.

Gibson has long been a fan of the original miniseries and apparently jumped at the chance to star when approached by Campbell and Monahan. In the movie Gibson will play "a straitlaced police investigator whose activist daughter is killed. He plunges into the case and uncovers systemic corruption that led to his daughter's death."

Personally I'm excited to see Gibson return to the profession that made him famous, especially in a movie with the pedigree of this film. So what do you think of Gibson's return to acting?


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