Friday, July 25, 2008

First off I just wanted to say Fanboys finally has a date: September 19th is the day The Weinstein Co will finally release the film! (Whether it's a wide release or only limited remains to be seen) But the first screening of the final cut was screened last night at Comic Con and from all accounts it was a big Geeky Hit! So congrats to all those involved!

And now is the part where I say goodbye for an extended break. Next Monday I'll be driving up to Arlington to take the Texas State Bar Exam over a three day period on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It's 15 hours of testing, so prayers are welcomed.

After that I'll be just taking some time to relax, be with friends, study for a small ethics portion of the bar, which I take on August 9th, and hopefully see some movies! Oh and I'll be looking for a job.

So if you're a reader and you know of any Attorney's in Austin, Tx, please send me their information as I need a job quickly!

Oh and I did see The Dark Knight, it was wonderful (best comic book movie ever!), and Heath Ledger deserves at least a nomination as it's the highlight of his career and one of the best portrayals of anarchic evil I've ever seen. I'll write up a full review in the near future, probably the first post back from my being away.

Also don't forget the Burn Notice Caption Contest which is going until August 4th at Midnight, and just because you've entered once doesn't mean you can't keep posting your funny (or unfunny) captions, that just helps your chances of winning!

Have a good couple of weeks everyone!


BOBBAAAY said...

enjoy a well deserved break Tidmore !

jana said...

Good luck on your exams,T. I've got it marked on my calendar to remember you.

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