Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So you may recall earlier this week I posted some pics of the first glimpses of Captain America which are on The Incredible Hulk DVD. Well now I've got some more info on that release.

Next week on October 21 Universal is releasing the movie on both DVD and Blu-Ray, including a 3-Disc Special Edition DVD. The 3-disc special edition features over 2 hours of bonus footage including that all-new alternate opening with your first glimpse of Cap.

To gear up for the release and get a look at some of the behind the scenes action, I thought you, dear readers, might want to check out some videos of the bonus features of the DVD. So below you'll find links to a deleted scene, a Making of featuring Tim Roth in action and a clip of Edward Norton "Becoming the Hulk."

The deleted scene is between Doc Samson and Banner, a bit of it can be seen in most of the trailers for The Incredible Hulk. The scene is almost a therapy session between the two with Samson admitting he's dreaded the day Betty's ex-lover would show back up. It's a good scene, but I'm not sure where in the movie it would have fit. Personally I would love to see Norton's cut of the movie which was supposed to be more adult.

The two making ofs are standard Making of fare, but intriguing to watch none-the-less. I'm a big fan of Norton's so the clip with him was fun to watch.

Overall some good stuff, with more tom come between now and the release. If you didn't see the movie it's a good one to pick up as it's part of the new Marvel Movie universe and it's a good film with some great homages to both the comics and the old tv show.

Here's the links:

Deleted scene:
Making of The Incredible Hulk:
Becoming the Hulk:

Check them out and let me know what you think in the comments section below.


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