Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yesterday I started a new column for the next couple of weeks "Things I'm Watching This Halloween," and this is item #2. Today's entry is a movie I have never seen but which has been on my radar since last summer when I saw a panel for it at Comic Con. The director and stars were there and showed a couple of uber-scary clips and I was hooked. Then I kind of forgot about it until I saw the preview for it back in April. You can see my review of that trailer here. So without further adieu today's entry is:

The Strangers is "inspired by True Events" which means it's basically made up, but that makes it scarier. From what I know it's about a couple of are staying at a friends house following a wedding and get terrorized by three strangers. The scariest part is that the strangers seem to have no motivation or reason except that they can. And so the couple must fight for their lives or die trying.

And that's about all I know. As I said I've been looking forward to this for awhile and when it finally came out I did have the chance to see it one night. But I'll admit I was too scared. I had just moved into my new house, and my wife and son were gone for the weekend. So as much as I wanted to see it I was too scared to come home to an empty house I didn't really know and freak myself out.

But now I'm ready, I got it in the mail today from Netflix and I'm hoping to sit down and watch it tonight. I know it looks scary as hell and that I can't wait to see it. I'll get back to you on whether or not it's actual as scary as I've made it up to be in my head.


Mark Davidson said...

We watched this last night. It was... OK. The masks were scary but, alas, the main characters fell into many of the same trappings of any slash and stalk and after a while, they just seemed dumb. I'm not giving anything away when I tell you that they have a shotgun and plenty of ammo. And the bad guys are without firearm. It should get an award for sound design though. Just my 2 cents. -- Mark

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