Monday, November 3, 2008

So there's finally some more news on the Fanboys front. As you may recall it was announced that the original Cancer version would be released sometime in the 4th quarter this year. Well with The Weinstein's pushing back almost all of their films from 2008 to 2009 Fanboys has finally gotten a firm release date: February 6th, 2009. Now if you've been following the ongoing Fanboys saga as I have you may recall it was originally supposed to be released on Valentine's day 2007. The movie was so close to coming out that the February 2007 issue of Geek Monthly Magazine featured Kristen Bell on the cover and in an article about the movie.

But finally after 2 years of waiting (This will be the third year in a row that Fanboys appears on my list of movies I'm looking forward to in the new year) it looks like we might get to see the finished product. (I myself missed a chance to see a test screening way back in Dec of 2006, but couldn't make it so I've been waiting a long time.)

While we wait the 4 months until release you can check out the new preview for Fanboys Here.
And below you can see the new poster for the movie via Cinematical. I must agree with the folks over at SlashFilm in that it's a bit done, since it clearly is playing off of The 40-Year Old Virgin poster which came out over 3 years ago and has since been done several times. I'd like to see something playing up the Star Wars aspect a bit more. Hopefully we'll get another one before the movie is released.


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