Wednesday, November 5, 2008

As you know this blog is primarily an entertainment blog and so I very rarely discuss my personal life or things like politics on here, but today as the country has elected a new President I thought I'd share my thoughts with you.

Growing up I was raised conservative, but since becoming an adult I feel like I fall more in the independent arena with a leaning towards the right, you could call me a liberal conservative. I don't think the republican party has it all right, in fact there's several things I think they have wrong. Same goes for the democratic party I don't think they have everything right, but I don't think they have everything wrong either. But as I said I lean more towards the republican party.

But over the past few years it's been tough to really care for either party as each has done it's fair share to tear this country apart and make us as divided as this country has been in a long, long time. It actually scares me how divided the country has become and it feels like for the past few years verbal attacks of one party on the other has reached an all time high.

In fact for the last few years I've found myself saying the same thing over and over. Mainly it comes up when I see bumper stickers with phrases such as "Impeach Bush," "Buck Fush," "Somewhere in Texas a village is missing its idiot," or "Axis of Evil" (featuring Bush's picture or name along with others). My feeling is this: It's our duty as a country to get behind the man the people elected and support him or her.

I'm not saying you have to, or even should, agree with everything they do. I don't even have a problem with speaking out about the things you don't agree with. I do on the other hand think we should not spend our time and energy insulting and rebuking whoever holds that office. Whether or not you believe Bush has done things wrong or right, you should show respect for a man who took on the hardest job in this country, and gives 4 or 8 years of his life to serve this country in the highest office there is. It's easy to see that this is not an easy job, just take a look at pictures of any president before and after he's been in office and you can see how haggard and worn down they all look. And yet these men give up most of their lives for the time their in office to serve us.

I'll admit I was disappointed last night to see my candidate John McCain lose this election. But I can honestly say I'm proud to see that the country elected a man who was not Caucasian, as every other President has been. It shows me that this country is still headed in the right direction even as we are divided by political parties.

But today I realized something, come January 20th it will be my turn to practice what I preach. And so I'm proud to say that I will support Barack Obama as he becomes this fine nation's fourty-fourth President. Now I may not always agree with Obama's policies or his decisions. And I may let people know that I don't agree, but I promise to show that in a way that is contstructive not destructive. I will try my hardest not to make personal attacks on Obama. Because as I've said while you may not agree with their policies, the man in that office deserves our respect.

So Congratulations to President-Elect Barack Obama, I look forward to supporting you during your time in office.


Linz McC said...

Well said, and I completely agree!

Anonymous said...

I love you Travis. Jeri's Mom

Kenny said...

Thank you for your open and honest comments on the recent election. As Christians, we are called to honor all of our leaders, even when we don't agree with them. I am glad to see that you are willing to respect someone for their willingness to serve, while recognizing your policy differences. Let us pray that God guides, directs, and protects all of our leaders.

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