Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hey gang,
Are you a fan of Ash and his battle against the evil dead?
Do you love that jerk in Hitch who rats him out?
Are you a fan of that guy who inexplicably shows up in all the Spider-Man movies?
Did you love the canceled before it's time series Touching Evil and it's leading man?
Maybe you just love the new USA series that stars both of the actors who played these parts.

Well no matter why you love Bruce Campbell and Jeffrey Donovan if you've ever wanted to ask them a burning question here's your chance:

I'm doing an interview with the stars of USA's hit series Burn Notice this coming Monday at noon. So send along your questions by 10am on Monday morning and I'll try to get them answered. I know it's not a lot of time, but I'm lazy and just now posting this, so send 'em fast.


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