Saturday, January 3, 2009

BBC Announced today that little known 26 year old actor Matt Smith will be the 11th Doctor following David Tennant's departure at the end of this year.

I was a bit concerned at first, but after watching the interview from BBC's Doctor Who Confidential I'm a bit intrigued. (I've posted it below) I'm curious what he will bring to the role.

As for Tennant I will miss him greatly, but I'm glad we've had 3 series (the the upcoming specials) with such an amazing Doctor.


BOBBAAAY said...

what he'll bring to the roll..?
about 10 years i'd say !

The Cheap-Arse Film Critic said...

I approve of this casting. But then, I think Jason Statham would make a good Doctor, so what do I know?

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