Monday, April 27, 2009

Tonight is the Season Finale of Chuck. Now if you’ve read this blog in the last week or so you know that Chuck is one of my favorite shows on TV right now, and possibly the best series on television at this time.  But I’m not the only one.  In fact with a third season not a certainty, the community of Chuck lovers are becoming more and more vocal trying to get the word out.


On such way to get the word out is to go to Subway today.  The fan campaign, called Chuck vs. The Footlong (all the episodes are named Chuck vs. The ____) asks fans to go to Subway some time today, purchase a footlong sandwich and fill out a comment card saying thanks for sponsoring Chuck.  Why Subway?  Well it was featured rather prominently in a recent episode, in a product placement that was so over the top it worked perfectly.


And since today is the 2nd Season Finale of Chuck (NBC 8/7c) it’s the perfect time to show support.  Other ways to support include watching tonight’s episode live, on your DVR, on or even buying it from somewhere such as iTunes.  Or you can do what I plan todo and try all 4.  Every little bit helps.


Still not convinced about Chuck?  Don’t take my word for it.  Check out what series star

Joshua “Morgan” Gomez has to say over at


I’d go on and on but I’d rather just use a quote from my pal Jace over at The Televisionary, that sums up the show perfectly. (Head on over here to check out the entire article.)


I've also wondered if Chuck's genius conflating of several storytelling genres--action/adventure, buddy comedy, romantic drama, workplace comedy--into one awesome package make it hard for fans to describe the series in a reductive logline to people who haven't watched the series before. One of the many beauties of the series has been that it's completely accessible to newbies, thanks to a mission-of-the-week format, but also keeps long-term viewers hooked with an overarching mythology that isn't confusing to follow or overly elaborate.


That really is the beauty of Chuck, it’s a show made for everyone.  So really give it a chance tonight.  You just might be the viewer that pushes the ratings over the edge convincing NBC to renew Chuck for another season.  We need you to be Awesome for Chuck!

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i watch chuck finale .this is very interesting.finale. i like it.

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