Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So I posted this yesterday on Twitter yesterday, and I was wondering what do you think is the best time travel movie/TV show of all time?

If you know me or can see the image above you know that I'm a huge BTTF fan and count the trilogy as my favorite movie of all time (it's basically one really long movie, so it counts)

But there are so many other great Time Travel shows and movies.  To name a few: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Quantum Leap, Frequency (this one is another favorite), the underrated Deja Vu, Journeyman, Army of Darkness, etc.  Maybe even Donnie Darko fits in there.

But what's your all time favorite?  Is it one of the one's I listed, or something else entirely?  Maybe I forgot the best one ever, or maybe I've never seen it.  Whatever it is drop a line and let me know what you think.

On twitter I got a vote for Primer, which I saw once, enjoyed but was completely confused by it.  I need to watch it again.

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jana said...

I'm thinking...don't want to waste my vote.

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