Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hey gang, so I've been really digging this new show on Starz called Party Down.  I've mentioned it here a couple of time, but I don't think I've told you just how good it is.  Now I must warn while it's hilarious, it does run on pay cable and so it's got quite a bit of language and the occasional nudity, so be warned.

Now the series comes from the minds behind one of my favorite shows ever, Veronica Mars, and features a ton of cameos from the old cast of that show.  (Kristen Bell is actually appearing in next weeks finale!) One of the minds behind the show is also one of my favorite actors around, the wonderfully talented Paul Rudd.

The show is one of the funniest shows on TV right now and a lot of it is improvised.  In fact it's funny enough that it just got picked up for a second season!  You can check it out on Starz website, Netflix On Demand, and of course the Starz network.

I just got some info about this week's Party Down and its companion show, Head Case, that I wanted to pass along.  So here's some clips for the shows.

 On Head Case (10p E/P), Dr. Goode treats WWE star Dave Batista and talks sex with Sex & The City's Jason Lewis .

On Party Down (10:30p E/P) Ron caters his own high school reunion (which is weird because my Starz contact's is this weekend and mine is in a couple of weeks and neither of us is going). Plus Bobbie St. Brown(Jennifer Coolidge) makes her debut grabbing destiny by the balls.

Enjoy the clips and seriously check it out on Star tomorrow night or their website or Netflix.

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