Friday, May 22, 2009

Another Friday night, another new episode of Party Down (and it's companion Head Case).  Tonight is the first season finale of both shows and they both look to be pretty amazing.  So guide the tv over to STARZ tonight at 10/9c.

First up is the finale of Head Case with guest star Jerry Seinfeld!  On the episode Seinfeld says he can't have sex with his wife unless they're pretending to be in the middle ages!  Seems like a bit too much info for me, but I guess that's the point of a therapist.  You can see a clip from the episode here .  And from there you should be able to see a few more, including the above mentioned Seinfeld scene.

Next up on my new favorite comedy series, Party Down, the beautiful and hilarious Kristen Bell guest stars as Uda Bengt, a former Party Down employee whose started her own catering business and hires the Party Down crew as extra help for a very important gig.  By all accounts this episode is supposed to be very funny, and I can't wait to watch it.  You can see a preview here.  And a clip here.

As excited as I am to watch tonight's episode of Party Down I'm super sad to have to wait until the next season starts up.  But seriously check it out, but not with the kids around.

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