Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Seriously, the title doesn't lie if you don't want to know about the twists in the movie Orphan Do Not Read Ahead!


So if you watch tv or go to the movies you've no doubt seen the trailer for the pretty awful looking horror film "Orpan" if not it's locate right here:


Now if you watched the preview you're probably pretty curious as to what Esther's secret is.  I'll admit, I was a bit curious, but I was pretty sure that the line  "You'll never guess her secret" was wrong, in fact I was pretty sure that just from watching the preview that I could guess the secret.  But I was not curious enough to want to pay $9 to see the film.  So for the past few weeks I kept wondering "is my guess right?" and more importantly "will I have to see the movie to find out?"

But then I remembered the kind people over at IMDB that are always spoiling movies and trading scripts and decided to check it out over there.  For the record after watching the preview my guess was that Ester wasn't really a child, but a grown woman with some kind of disorder.  Ohhh spooky, but really all I cared about was if I was right or not.

Seriously Spoilers Below!

So I headed over to IMDB and found all kinds of spoilers and found out that I was indeed correct, Ester is not a child but a 32 year old woman!  Ha! Take that movie creators, I guessed her secret by watching only your trailer!  Except I kept reading and I must admit, I would never have guessed the rest of her secret or her motivation for pretending to be a child and getting adopted.


You see apparently Ester is a former prostitute, whose clients were pedophiles.  She wears the ribbon around her neck because she was scars from her former occupation.  But wait it gets worse, the reason she's trying to get rid of her foster family is that she wants to seduce her "foster father"!  I'm not making this stuff up people, this is an actual movie that was greenlit, produced, and now is being released into theaters with quite a bit of marketing.

What the heck were Alex Mace and David Johnson smoking when they came up with this idea?  And who thought that people would want to see a story like this, a person who looks 10 seducing a grown man?  And is there anyone who is going to go into this movie not knowing this and come out thinking that they just watched a good movie?  Because I honestly can't say I'd be hapy if I paid money for this.

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this movie but wtf...sounds like an episode of Law & Order:SVU

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