Thursday, November 5, 2009

You may have noticed the new banner towards the top of the page, or maybe the new column on the right hand side which says "USA's Game of the Week" both of which should take you to the USA Network's redesigned and reintroduced Character Arcade.  There's a slue of new games, most of which I haven't even had time to check out.  But there's also some great new features that help to incorporate your friends and make it all a more social experience.  What are those features you ask?  Well I'm glad you did ask, because there listed right below:

Character Arcade now features:

-Facebook Connect Integration; sign in with your Facebook account & challenge friends

-Game of the Week promotion featuring weekly prize give-aways

-Point System to buy accessories and upgrade avatars [redeemable for physical rewards coming soon]

-New virtual trophy case

-New Games including MMO and downloadable PC Games

-A new gaming blog:

-A new Twitter feed:

One of the few games I had time to check out was the Psych Food Fight, featuring Little Shaun and Gus.  The game reminds me of the game a few years ago where you see how far you can throw the cat and it hits bombs and other explosives to make it go further, that one was a favorite of mine in Law School.  Here instead of a cat you fling food across the cafeteria hitting other kids and their lunches, seeing how far you can fling it.  It's a blast!

Overall I really like the new look and feel of the Character Arcade and will be spending some time exploring it in the near future.  In fact I'm hoping to run a new column every week or so spotlighting a new game or two, so look for that.  Overall I think the new features really add something to it and make it more of a community experience.  I for one can't wait to spend some more time there.

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