Friday, December 4, 2009

Here are two more photos from tonight's Series Finale of Monk.

This first photo looks a lot like the waiting room in the hospital from last week's episode, so I'm hoping the wonderful cast is waiting to hear some good news about Mr. Monk. Otherwise it might be curtains for our hero.

This second photo looks a lot like a very ill Monk preparing to kill someone, while Randy holds off other officer's in the background. Maybe Monk finally catches his prey and Capt. Stottlemeyer gives the dying Monk his one last wish, to kill the man who took everything from him. That's my theory anyway. It sure doesn't look like Stottlemeyer is trying to stop him, that's for sure.

Hopefully these two images satisfied your cravings for Monk until tonight's Finale (at 9/8c on USA) but if not check back here in about 30 min for a plethora of activities and sites to keep you busy until and long after the finale.


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