Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If you've been watching USA's White Collar, then you're probably like me and have been eagerly awaiting to see the resolution to the cliff hanger that ended the fall season. Having seen the first new episode I can say that their is a very satisfying resolution. What that resolution is I can't reveal, because I've been sworn to secrecy by USA, but you can see for yourself tonight at 10/9c on USA.

(DeKay and Guest Star Tucker)

What I can say is that this week caper is another great one, with the gang investigating a 'Boiler Room'-esque brokerage firm that may be up to no good. In order to catch the companies CEOs, one of whom is played by the criminally underused Jonathan Tucker (Hostage), Neal must go undercover as a young stock broker. While the con to get Neal (Matthew Bomer) undercover and into the group is good, its when Peter (Tim DeKay) goes undercover that things get really interesting. And when Neal and Peter must work together and trust one another things really come to a head.

(The Cast: L-R DeKay, Thiessen, Bomer & Garson)

As always it's the chemistry between the characters that really makes this series work. We get some great scenes with Neal and Mozzie (Willie Garson) trying to solve the mystery surrounding Neal's lost love Kate and the man with the ring. And Tiffani Thiessen is welcome as always as Peter's wife, who has a great chemistry with both Peter and Neal and gets to show that off nicely in tonight's episode. Personally I think White Collar is one of the best shows on television right now and I can't wait to see what they throw at us next.

Earlier this week I not only got to check out that Winter Season premiere, but I also got to join in on an interview with both Bomer and DeKay, and besides being very nice guys they had some great things to say about tonight's episode, the rest of the season, and working together.

(Bomer & DeKay having a tense discussion)

One of the first questions asked was how the twist effects the show going on and how they felt about that twist. While I can't talk about the effects of the twist without ruining it I can tell you that DeKay said he loved the scene and "the continuation of the scene as well. I think it’s some great writing and some great storytelling and very exciting and it’s a perfect cliffhanger. That’s all I’m going to say about it"

The duo also spend a lot of time discussing the chemistry between their characters and the fact that Peter is really the first person in Neal's life that he's really been able to trust. Bomer went on to say that "
it’s an interesting dynamic that’s always kind of liquid between the two of them given their history and given the fact that Neal’s not really ready to jump over to the other side of the moral spectrum immediately. It’s something that he’s struggling with and it’s kind of his journey on the second half of the first season to figure out if I’m going to buckle down and be with the FBI or am I going to do whatever I have to do, legal or not, to find Kate. I think the trust thing is sort of everything in the relationship, but as opposed to normal relationships where it can be a little bit more black and white, in this particular relationship, it can be more liquid. He has more trust for Peter than he’s ever had for anybody else."

DeKay added that
while Peter was originally protective of Neal just to save his own butt, since her was the one who decided to take Neal out of prison, that's changed. He said "[A]s time has gone on he’s gotten to know Neal in a different way and is now protecting him because he sees a great potential in this guy. He’s protecting him on more than just a professional level."

DeKay and Bomer also discussed working together and how
much they just enjoy being a part of a cast they really enjoy. Bomer explained "[W]e both have been in the business long enough to appreciate what we’ve got going on this show and the fact that we like to work with each other so much and the fact that we have a network behind us. Thankfully so far people have been watching so I think we realize; we’re grateful for every day we get to work together. That’s certainly how I feel. It’s just been easy and fun from day one for me."

Finally when asked about the rest of the season the guys joked that there would be "even more car crashes, lots of violence," and "the Martians come back." Bomer also said that "
my character really starts having to make the decision, is he going to operate for the law or is he going to do whatever it takes, against the law, operating outside of the legal system, to find Kate. That’s his struggle in the second half. He starts to push those boundaries a little bit more."

So it sounds like the rest of the season will be great with Neal deciding what to do about finding Kate. So do you think we'll finally see Neal cut off his ankle tracker and take off on his own, or will he finally decide to let her go and continue working for the FBI. Personally I kind of think he'll end up running, but I'm sure it will all work out in the end.

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