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The always great Chuck returns tonight after a 3 week hiatus and lots of screaming from fans. The last episode presented viewers with two new romantic relationships between Zachary Levi' Chuck and Kristen Kreuk's Hannah and Yvonne Strahovski's Sarah and Brandon Routh's Daniel. Personally I saw the relationships coming several episodes back and welcomed them with open arms, but some fans hated seeing Sarah and Chuck with other people, and the morning after the last episode saw a fan-splosion of angry comments and idiotic threats to boycott the show. Of course the last episode was never meant to be a 3 week cliffhanger and so tonight's episode should clear up some of those fears. So check out the promo below and keep scrolling for more Chuck Awesomeness!

This past Friday I had the opportunity to take part in an interview with Chuck himself, Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez who plays Chuck's best friend Morgan. The call itself was a blast, and after having my call dropped twice, just as it was my turn to ask a question, I finally got to talk to the guys on the third try. Although I will say it was worth having my call dropped to hear Zachary Levi singing my name. So keep reading to see how they feel about working with Doctor Emmett Brown, filming on Hoth, and a myriad of other fun, and slightly strange topics.

The interview began with a discussion of getting the show back for a third season and the role Twitter and the internet in that. Levi mentioned that he wasn't on Twitter at that point because he thought it was just facebook updates all the time and didn't really get it, but says he knows it played a big part in getting it back. "The interweb at large is just a huge and great way to viral get information around and keep fans informed." (Zach has since found twitter and you can follow him here.)

Levi and Gomez both talked quite a bit about Levi's directorate debut, Chuck versus the Beard, the second episode back. "I was really blessed...I got a really great episode. And one of the perks of it was I got all of our regulars, I got everyone in the cast in my episode. I got Casey and Sarah, good ole' Morgan Grimes, Big Mike, Jeff and Lester and Elle and Awesome. (It was great) to be able to work with everyone and feel supported by everyone. Not once did I feel like that is was a strange or uncomfortable situation...I get to work with these guys all the time and I know them and their characters inside and out better than anyone else does, so you don't really have to say much, you just kind of let them do what they do."

They both felt like this episode was their favorite so far, although both admitted to being a little bias, and that they also really loved episode 5, the one on the plane. Gomez said the episode was "a special episode to have (Levi) directing." He also said that some of the upcoming episodes, which haven't been finished yet are "really cool," and that he hopes the turn out as good as they did when filming. Levi agreed saying "we've got some other episodes coming up, but I don't really know how much I can talk about them. I think this season has really allowed us to create some of the best episodes, because of the way the rules have changed."

Another topic which the guys talked about at length was how being geeks affected how they played geeks. "When I first read the script, these two guys, I felt like I knew and grew up with, they were exactly the sort of guy that I was growing up. Video Games, SciFi and Fantasy movies, comic books, you name it, were a huge part of shaping who I was and am, especially as a younger man. I think it started when my dad brought home an Atari 2600 and took me to see Empire Strikes Back in the theater. From there on it was a life of a geek for me, Yo Ho, Yo Ho. There is obviously huge differences between myself and the character of Morgan, but there are a lot of similarities and it's probably a love and appreciation of all things geekdom." gushed Gomez.

Levi echoed Gomez saying it was "literally the same thing (for me). It's a little ridiculous, Josh and I just sit back and laugh at how lucky we are that we just get to be us. As Josh said their are certainly big differences between our characters on the show and our personalities in real life, but they are very small and very few. When I read the pilot I was like "Holy Crap! I know this guy, I know him because I see him in the mirror every morning."

One subject which was inevitably going to come up was the subject of Chuck's relationship with Hannah. But most of that discussion was from Morgan's point of view and how he feels about it. Gomez said that Chuck and Morgan never really spoke about Hannah, and while Morgan was pining over her, Chuck didn't know it. "It was heartbreak and disappointment that I couldn't have her, not that he got her. But maybe I secretly Hate Him. It's a bummer you know, new hot girl at the store and I thought I impressed her with my talk of french cinema and I wore an ascot and nothing."

The guys went on to discuss how Morgan might react, since he's now Chuck's boss, and whether he'd punish Chuck. Gomez thinks that Morgan might start to catch on to Chuck always being gone a bit more saying "it's put [Morgan}] on that road of going 'Wait a minute now' and the kid had an eye for Hannah so that doesn't help. It's hard to comment on it now, but there is some cool stuff that plays out and how it goes down. I don't think Morgan would be capable of "making Chuck's life harder" It's a true friendship, and I think it's always been a thing of "Just talk to me, Dude" and Chuck would like nothing more than to talk to Morgan. If there is someone who would understand, Chuck knows it would be Morgan. I don't think it's in Morgan's nature to cause any harm to his friend."

Levi added that from Chuck's point of view "It does change his work, but I'm also unaware of his cluing into my life a little bit more, I'm unaware of his suspicions, so it doesn't really effect me all that much, but you'll see how it progresses and affects both Morgan's character and my character and my ability to sneak out how I always do. I'm surprised it's taken this long to be honest, how does I keep leaving the Buy More and never come back with really any results, except maybe a black eye." "At least Casey is moving a Beastmaster or two every now and then." added Gomez. Levi agreed saying "I don't think I've sold of fixed anything in three years."

A question I think everyone was hoping would be asked, was how it is working with the great Adam Baldwin. Levi and Gomez agreed that Baldwin is a "big sweetheart" and "a Giant Teddy bear." Levi went on to say that "the man is a rock, of everyone on the show, he's the rock, he's been around the block...and seen a lot and worked with a lot of talented people, and he's such a trooper and finds every little moment to make Casey great and he's a pleasure to work with. I think part of the reason why we've found the audience we have and the success to the extent that we have right now, a large part of that is due to him. Being a part of Firefly and everything else he's done, having really dedicated fans that he's also really dedicated to."

Gomez said one of his favorite things was trying to get Baldwin to crack during a scene, "me and Zach will laugh at each other without saying anything, we're a couple of girls at a sleepover, but Adam is knocking down walls, and knocking people out, so making him laugh in a scene gives me a satisfaction."

My original question, which was asked after my call was dropped the first time was about working upcoming guest star Christopher Lloyd AKA Back to the Future's Doctor Emmett Brown. Levi commented that the show has "been very blessed, every guest star on the show has been a pleasure to work with. I think that's because of the type of person the show attracts. When I found out he was doing our show, I think I had an accident in my pants. I just need a hoverboard and my life will be complete." Gomez agrees saying working with Lloyd was "So insane" and "personally thats going into some serious geek fanboy zone. We don't always get like that, but to have Doc Brown on the show was like "are you kidding me"

The interview went on for over an hour and was a blast to be apart of, even with technical difficulties. Below are a few more quick bits of information. (I have audio from my calls being dropped which are pretty funny, which I'll try to upload at a later date.)

Short Bits:

Levi feels very good about the chances of the show coming back for another season based on the where they are as a show and where NBC is as a network, with 5 new hours of programming.

Scott Bakula will be in three episodes at the end of the season.

When asked about Chuck going "darker" after burning an asset on Chuck versus the Nacho Sampler Levi said "we're not going to see, you know, bizarro Chuck, I mean, he's not going to become this like, you know, unshorn fighting himself in a scrap yard although that would make a great episode. It's the same Chuck just a Chuck that's going through some different circumstances.

When asked what they'd do if they could basically do anything for one episode the guys said they'd be running around with guns all days, Yvonne and Sarah would be scantally clad, and Baldwin would be in the "freaking elf costume" that Morgan had to wear, and they'd over dress Jeff and Lester and the entire episode would take place in Hawaii or on Hoth. "Echo base this is Rouge 2, I've found them"

Finally Levi said "We've got a lot of really great stuff to share with everyone for the rest of the season."


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