Friday, April 23, 2010

This weekend brings the first episode of America: The Story of Us on The History Channel. An in honor of that I'm bringing you some goodies courtesy of The History Channel!

This Sunday at 9/8c the History Channel is beginning it's brand new 12-hour series taking viewers from the colonization of America through the present. The series features a combination of narration (by the incredible Liev Schreiber), acting, CGI recreations, and insights from various artists, business leaders, academics, and intellectuals. In addition to airing the show The History Channel is offering this 12 part series to every school in America that wants a copy. That's pretty impressive if you ask me.

If, like me, you enjoy history, this is a great series to watch. It will keep you entertained and you just might learn something. I, myself, learned that Tobacco helped reinvigorate the dying Jamestown, what is thought to be the first English colony in America.

Now if you just want to win some cool stuff, we've got that too. All you have to do is E-MAIL me at the link above with your name and address. You must by an American Citizen and be at least 18 year old, you have until May 21 at Midnight to enter. Total value of the prize pack is $75. Scroll down to see full prize details, more about this wonderful series, and a trailer for the show. And be sure to tune in on Sunday at 9/8c on The History Channel to see the first episode with an introduction by the President.

Enter to win a HISTORY Duffel Bag filled with:


-Stainless Steel Desk Pen

-Ceramic Mug

-Track Jacket

-Golf Balls

America The Story of Us is an epic 12-hour television event that tells the extraordinary story of America with highly realistic CGI animation, dramatic recreations and thoughtful insights from some of America's most respected artists, business leaders, academics and intellectuals. Elaborate, ambitious and cinematic, America The Story of Us will take you into the moments when Americans harnessed technology to advance human progress, from the rigors of linking the continent by transcontinental railroad--the internet of its day--to triumphing over vertical space through the construction of steel structured buildings to putting a man on the moon. Visit the official site to take the Ultimate History Quiz, watch videos and get more info. Follow HISTORY on foursquare to unlock the HISTORY in your city. You'll discover tips about America, unlock our limited edition badge and be entered into the AMERICA THE STORY OF US SWEEPSTAKES!


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