Friday, April 9, 2010

Ok the title may be misleading as the movie at the heart of this post won't be playing at a cinema near you (unless your theater is AWESOME!!!) but it sounded good, so shot me.

The 'movie' I'm bringing to your attention is SyFy's original movie Mega Piranha, which does in fact look like the most thing coming to your Television this weekend. Notice I didn't say it looked good, just the most fun. The movie was made by those visionaries of crap over at The Asylum. That would be the same minds behind the recent Sherlock Holmes movie that has a cover (below) which features a star of Torchwood, a fire-breathing dragon, a giant Dinosaur, and a giant octopus, so you know the classic story of Sherlock Holmes.

(This crap is insane!)

The movie is basically Deep Blue Sea, with giant Piranhas instead of smart sharks. The plot is simply, scientist make giant piranhas in order to use them as a new food supply, but instead they start killing people. Because when you make giant fish for people to eat, you immediately think to enlarge man eating fish, instead of catfish, cod, or something else people eat all the time! It's so much like Deep Blue Sea that the scene below plays out almost exactly like Samuel L. Jackson's big scene in that movie.

If that scene alone doesn't make you want to see this movie then how about the fact that that red-head in the scene is former pop-star Tiffany, or that the movie features Greg Brady, himself, Barry Williams, will pique your interest. Personally I can't wait. I may even have to have a double feature with this and DinoShark which premiered on SyFy a few weeks back. (SyFy sent me that one on DVD, I just haven't found time to watch it yet.)

If the above clip wasn't enough you can see Syfy's promo here.


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