Friday, May 28, 2010

As with my review yesterday, today's movie is, TiMER, comes from the Tribeca Film Festival. The Festival has several of their films available to view On Demand at this time! (For more information on their On Demand offerings you can head here!) The official synopsis for TiMER says "If a device could guarantee love without heartbreak, would you want to know? Emma Caufield (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) stars in this brain teasing romantic comedy about falling in love. Also starring John Patrick Amedori (Gossip Girl). TiMER is rated R for Language.

TiMER is a hard movie to describe, it's part sci-fi, part romance, part drama, and part comedy. I guess you could call it a Sci-FiRomDramedy. The easiest way to describe it though, is entertaining, as it is easily one of the most entertaining films I have seen in a long time.

Emma Caufield stars as Onna, a girl who is trying to find her "one" with the help of a TiMER. In the movies' alternate reality, the TiMER is a device from a very Apple like company, that can accurately tell you the date you will meet your soulmate. The device is implanted into your arm and counts down to midnight of the day you'll meet "the one". The TiMER only counts down when both soulmates have one implanted.

Timer uses this unique premise to look at the idea of soulmates, "the one", and romance in general in an original way and ask a lot of great questions: What does one do when their TiMER doesn't ever start counting down? What do you do, when they meet someone that they connect with, but who they know is not the one? What do you do with your life when you know that you won't meet the "one" until your middle age? To get the answers you'll have to see the movie.

The entire cast including, Caufield, Michelle Borth, John Patrick Amedori, Desmond Harrington, and JoBeth Williams does an incredible job bringing the premise to life. I don't want to say to much, as I don't want to give a lot away, but the movie is definitely one of the best romances I've seen in a long time and one I would highly recommend it.


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