Monday, June 28, 2010

Last week I stumbled onto a new website called GetGlue. The website is a dream for lovers of TV, Movies, Music, Books, Comics, and just about everything else. I spent several hours exploring the site and the brand new iPhone App and I wanted to get you "Glued In" (see what I did there?) too.

So what exactly is GetGlue? Well their press release says its a "an innovative social recommendation network for movies, books, and music." Which is a pretty accurate description. You sign-up (for free) and start "liking", "favoriting", or "disliking" all kinds of media, actors, topics, places, and more. After you spend some time telling the site what you like it will recommend other things you might like as well. Again looking to their release " The GetGlue website provides a recommendation stream based on personal tastes, what friends like, and what's most popular right now." Not only will the site recommend things to you, but others can recommend things they'd thing you will like as well.

You can also subscribe to your friends, or people with similar tastes, and the items that they like will appear on your personal homepage located at And finding friends couldn't be more simply as GetGlue connects easily to both Twitter and Facebook. And if you want your friends to know what you're doing, you simply "check-in" with GetGlue, which can also send your check in to your connected sites. Check-ins are similar to Tweets or Updates on FB, except you can Check-In to specific movies, books, topics, etc.

And if you really like a specific book, movie, topic, etc you can work your hardest to try and become the topics "Guru". Anyone can become a Guru after liking a topic. Guru status is awarded based on a point system based on comments and how much others like or agree with your comments. And unlike some other sites, Guru status also comes with superpowers of sorts! Once awarded Guru status you can revise content, recommend additional items, and win in-site giveaways!

One of my favorite parts of the site, and something that sets it apart from other sites is the ability to earn Stickers. Yes, some other sites let you win awards, but unlike those sites, GetGlue will actually send you the Stickers you earn! There are a ton of Stickers you can earn, some are easy and some are a bit harder, below you can check out a few:

And GetGlue is ahead of the game by already having a browser add-on and the aforementioned iPhone app. The browser add on works on hundreds of sites including IMDB, Wikipedia, and Amazon. As someone who frequently browses many of these sites, its nice having a way to add what I'm already looking at to my GetGlue profile.

The iPhone app makes things easy on the go as well. You can check-in, see what stickers you've acquired, see what your friends are up to, get weekly new releases and old favorites picked just for you, access existing reviews and ratings for over 20M movies, books, and albums, and take your recommendations with you wherever you go. You can see a video of the app below and you can download it here: GetGlue for the iPhone

Now that you know just what the site is why don't you check it out for yourself, or start by checking out my page.


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