Tuesday, August 24, 2010

There are a few great releases headed to shelves at the end of next month/beginning of October and below we've got info on three of them for you.  One is a cult classic beloved for its awfulness, one is the first season of a spin-off of a beloved show, and one the newest season of one of my most beloved shows.  You might have noticed a theme, in that all three are beloved in some way, by someone.

 How I Met Your Mother Season 5
How I Met Your Mother has been one of my favorite shows for the past five years.  And while this past year had some rough patches with Ted being a bit of a douche, it also had some amazing episodes like the season finale, Doppelgangers.  The season was also full of some great emotional moments like the very end of 'Of Course' when Barney gives his perfect date to Robin and her new beau.  Plus it had the shows 100 episode, Girls vs. Suits, which featured an amazing musical number.  

The 5th season hit shelves on September 21, with legendary bonus features including the trailer for The Wedding Bride, the fictional film based on an exaggerated and one-sided version of Ted’s breakup with Stella from season four, behind the scenes of the 100th episode, a blooper/gag reel, commentary and more.

 Stargate Universe Season 1
SyFy's Stargate SG-1 is probably one of the most popular science-fiction shows of the past 20 years.  A spin-off of the the 1994 film, the series ran for 10 successful seasons.  This past year brought us Stargate Universe or SG-U, a spin-off starring Robert Carlyle, which offers an in-depth look at human nature and the inner struggle between right and wrong.

The complete first season, which hits shelves on October 5, showcases all 20 episodes, and features an extended pilot with never-before-seen footage, exclusive behind-the-scenes featurettes, video diaries and commentary on every episode. In addition, fans can enjoy Blu-ray exclusive special features such as extra Destiny SML (Star Map Log) and the SGU: Survival Instinct Game. The brand new interactive game challenges players to use their knowledge, intelligence and skillfulness to jump through a series of time loops in order to return to the Destiny.

 Troll 2
And finally we have Troll 2, a movie I have been dying to see for quite some time.  If you've ever heard of this movie, it's probably because it's considered one of the worst movies of all time.  It's so bad that people all across the country get together to celebrate its awesome horribleness.  In fact the new documentary, Best Worst Movie, chronicles how the movie became a cult classic, and how it's cult status has affected those involved with the production.
The movie follows young Joshua Waits, who has been warned by his grandfather’s ghost that his family is about to embark on a dangerous vacation to the town of Nilbog.  Although he tries to stop them, Joshua fails to make his parents see that there is something suspicious about the town.  The residents are extremely friendly, but are constantly trying to feed the Waits with strange, green delicacies.  Joshua soon realizes that the town of Nilbog is actually “goblin” spelled backwards, and that his family has been lured into a trap.  With the help of Grandpa Seth, Joshua must save his family from being turned into vegetables and devoured by the vegetarian goblins!

The film hits store on DVD and Blu-ray on October 5.


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