Friday, August 20, 2010

 Jerry O'Connell as Not Joe Francis in Piranha 3D

Yep, you read the headline correctly, the writers, producers, stars, etc of Piranha 3D are officially my new heroes, and not because they made a horrible looking B movie filled with nudity and gore.  No instead they are my new heroes because they have upset a man I believe is one of the most reprehensible human beings on the planet, Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis.
Scumbag who preys on young, drunk girls
In the new movie, out today, Jerry O'Connell plays a character which is best described as Joe Francis, or at least someone very closely based on Francis.  The character is described as "a soft-core pornographer, looking for young women with tight bikinis and loose morals to put on on-camera shows."  Yep, sounds like Mr. Francis to me.

Well apparently Francis, and his attorneys aren't very pleased and have sent a letter to The Weinstein Company's legal department demanding that all involved with the movie :refrain from maligning Mr. Francis in promoting the film or otherwise."  They then go on to say that "any defamatory or disparaging statements; or depictions, in the media or the film itself, or statements that portray Mr. Francis in a false light, will be met with swift litigation to recover substantial damages, including punitive damages to discourage such conduct in the future."  So basically if anyone associated with the flick says anything to defame of disparage Joe Francis, they will be met with a lawsuit.

My only question is how on earth could anyone possibly defame or disparage Joe Francis?  He's already the one of the lowest human beings on the planet.  Is there really any chance that his good name will be besmirched?

What are your thoughts?  Is Joe Francis in any danger of having his name dragged through the mud?  Are he and his lawyers overreacting?  Am I foolish for depicting him as a scum bag who preys on young drunk girls and someone with little to no human emotions?  Is the casting almost too perfect?


SCJ said...

I really dislike Joe Francis. He seems like a not very nice man.

But as much as I hate to say it, he might have a shot at winning a defamation lawsuit if he chooses to file one.

Not that he should.

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