Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If you a fan of 80s music you know that this blog must have something to do with Tears for Fears. And you'd be correct. On tonight's all-new Psych, airing on USA at 10/9c, Tears for Fears' Curt Smith cameos as himself, and redoes the theme song! I had the opportunity to join in on an interview with Smith yesterday and he had some interesting things to say about Psych, acting, music, and more. Continue past the jump for more.

 Tonight's episode, Shawn 2.0, finds Shawn faced with a man (guest star Nestor Carbonell) whose criminal profiling skills rival that of his own - and who also has eyes for Juliet.  During the investigation they run into Tears for Fears' Curt Smith playing himself, at least a version of himself.

Smith had plenty to say about the experience of shooting Psych.  He said that the opportunity came about when James Roday and Timothy Omudson came to a concert and somehow made it back stage.  Smith was already aware of the show as someone, possibly his manager, had sent him the second season episode, American Duos, in which Shawn and Gus perform 'Shout' dressed up as Tears for Fears' Roland Orzabal and Micheal Jackson, respectively.  Smith said he thought it was "pretty hilarious, especially the "Sham On."

Smith said he loved shooting and that it was great, even though it was a "boiling hot day."  He said unlike videos, it required a lot more "sitting around in a trailer waiting to get called."  Possibly the best part was that all the actors, with the exception of Omudson, are a lot like their characters, and it was basically like a two day "frat party."

When asked about the music Smith said recording the theme was a "really enjoyable experience" and that "I made it as retro as I possibly could with some humor."  He went on to say that it was different matching it to the credits.  "Rhythmically you’ve got to match that so that it all kind of fits in and there’s an explosion and different things. So basically it was a mixture of going back to very old synthesizers and adding some humor to that as well."

When asked about the resurgence of Tears' song "Mad World" in the past few years being in both Donnie Darko and on American Idol Smith said "Well it’s going to get even bigger after tomorrow night when it’s in Psych also. But it will be the acoustic version of it, not to give the plot away or anything.  But I mean it - it’s gratifying I guess. I mean it’s a testament to the strength of the song that it can be done in various different ways and it still has the same, you know, emotional draw. You know, I like to hear other people’s versions of it providing they’re good. And I think that, you know, Gary Jules’ version was great, Gary and Michael  Andrews. And I think that Adam Lambert kind of did their version of it more than he did our version of it which I thought was, you know, pretty cool also. So, you know, I’m good with it."

To see Smith's cameo, hear an acoustic version of "Mad World" and hear the all new Curt Smith version of the Psych Theme, tune in tonight at 10/9c on USA.


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