Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wanting to watch something to night or this weekend, but don't want to rely on the typical "Chick Flick" V-Day movies. Here's a guide to some alternatives for you and yours to enjoy.

The Princess Bride
Perfect for him or her! It's got Sword Fighting, Romance, ROUSes (Rodents of Unusual Size), Billy Crystal, A 6-fingered Man, A Dashing Hero, and of course Wallace Shawn! What more could you need for a great movie? How about Andre the Giant, Fred Savage, and Columbo? It all adds up to a classic, everyone can love.

Say Anything
John Cusack stars as Lloyd Dobler, your Average High School Kick-boxer who decides he's going to win over the stunningly beautiful, straight A student, and seemingly untouchable Diane (Ione Skye). Lloyd is one of the greatest characters in all of 80s cinema and Ione's Diane is great as the girl who finally learns to enjoy high school, after it's over. Not your average love-story, and definitely not a chick-flick.

For Love of the Game
Kevin Cosner stars as an aging pitcher who remembers the love of his life as he tries to pitch the perfect game. Baseball gets the guys, Cosner brings the girls.

David Boreanez stars in this slasher flick which focuses on this wonderful Holiday. I honestly don't remember anything about this movie, but TV's Angel can't be all bad, right?

So I Married an Axe Murderer
Mike Myers and Nancy Travis brings us this romance/comedy/mystery mash-up which brings the laughs and the romance. Plus Myers as his Scottish Father is hilarious defined.

Shaun of the Dead
A romantic movie like you've never seen before. Take the story of a screw-up trying to get back the girl he loves, throw in Zombies, Gore, and Bill Nighy (Not the Science Guy The British Actor) and you've got a heck of a movie.

True Lies
Another one that's not your typical romance. This time it's Arnold the Governator and Jamie Lee Curtis as a couple who have lost their passion. All it'll take to get it back is some international intrigue, terrorists, so huge explosions, and Bill Paxton peeing his pants.

Grosse Pointe Blank
Another great movie with John Cusack. This time he's a hitman whose come home for his High School reunion, in order to take a break from his stressful career. Minnie Driver is his old flame and Dan Aykroyd is his rival. Plus the wonderful Jeremy Piven shows up as Cusack's old friend (as he does in almost all of Cusack's movies)

And that's it for now. I know there's more but if I missed one you think should be on the list, leave me a comment and let me know. As for myself I'm taking the lady out to see Music & Lyrics at a 21 & up screening at The Arclight (my favorite theater around, which tonight will be serving alcohol with the show!) plus dinner at Kabuki.

Happy V-Day to everyone!


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