Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Last night, my wife and I drove out to Burbank to see a free screening of Super Bad. Before entering the movie we had to sign a form with our information on it, with some small writing. As a law student I took the time to read it and noticed that it basically states that by signing the form you will not disclose what you see in the screening in print, “Especially on a website” (Their words). So I’ve decided not to review the movie itself until closer to the release date (currently set for August 17) and instead just write about the basics and how I felt about the movie. (And to those of you reading this involved with the movie in some form {Yes you guys who found it by searching Google blogs for key words like Super Bad and Evan Goldberg, my traffic tracker tells me how you got here} if this gives to much away, tell me and I'll gladly change it, just wanted to let people know it's a funny movie.)

Super Bad was written by Seth Rogen (Yes another Seth Rogen Reference on this site) and his writing partner Evan Goldberg (The Ali G Show) and Directed by Greg Mottola (Who has mostly directed Television Episodes in the past including episodes of Arrested Development and Undeclared).

The movie is about two friends, Seth (Jonah Hill, Accepted) and Evan (Michael Cera, Arrested Development), as they near the end of high school and prepare to go their separate ways for college. The movie follows Seth and Evan for one day as they attempt to get alcohol for a huge party, a task which they believe could elevate them from geeks to heroes. What follows is a night of misadventures involving their friend Fogell (the rookie Christopher Mintz-Plasse holding his own), Seth Rogen and Bill Hader (SNL) as a pair of policemen, and much, much more. The movie was very well done, and truly was hilarious.

But, the movie is very crude and somewhat offensive, but I don’t think I’ve laugh this much during a movie since I saw Borat. The movie is sure to get an R rating purely for the language and jokes, because there’s no nudity or violence. But like a lot of the new crop of Crude Comedies, there is a sweetness and a message that underlines the vulgarity. While The 40 Year Old Virgin was about chastity and Wedding Crashers was about monogamy, Super Bad is about the love between best friends. Hill and Cera do a wonderful job of showing the love that can only come from that best friendship.

This movie just found a slot on my list of Movies to see in 2007. Even though I've already seen it, I can't wait to revisit it again in 7 months and see what has changed, even more so than with Knocked Up, because I think Super Bad was the funnier of the two, and could quite possibly be the funniest movie of 2007.


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