Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ok, I'll be honest my track record at picking the winners is not good at all. So this is who I feel should win of the nominees (to see the awards I gave out click here), although I will mention whose likely to win. So here we go:

Best Picture:
Tie - Little Miss Sunshine & The Departed.
Little Miss Sunshine was one of the funniest movies of last year and a suprise nominee, but the academy rarely selects a comedy so it won't likely win.
The Departed was a great action movie, with wonderful performances and a great plot. After watching the preview I didn't see any reason to see the movie as I felt it had given it all away, boy was I wrong.
But the truth is I didn't see The Queen or Letter from Iwo Jima and Babel was quite possibly the worst movie I saw last year. So I don't have much to go on.
It's anyone's race but I think The Departed will win.

Best Actor:
I honestly didn't see any of these movies so let's say Ryan Gosling, I like him and I hear he was great in Half Nelson.
But it's most likely going to Forest Whitaker.

Best Actress:
I only saw one of the movies nominated in this category, The Devil Wears Prada, but I have an affinity for Kate Winslet, so I'll go with her, but I think we all know that the trophy has been all but handed to Helen Mirren.

Best Supporting Actor:
I'd say Alan Arkin for Little Miss Sunshine, because it was a fantastic role for him.
I'm sticking with Arkin as the winner on this one.

Best Supporting Actress:
Abigail Breslin, best part of an amazing movie as she carries Little Miss Sunshine on her short little shoulders. (I just hope Jennifer Hudson loses)
I'm not putting any money on Babel, so I'll go with Cate Blanchett for Notes on a Scandal to walk away with the trophy.

Best Director:
I only saw one of the movies in this category and I have to say Scorsese did a fabulous job on The Departed, and he's not getting any younger, and this is his eighth nomination, so I'm saying not only des he deserve it, but he's getting it too.

Foreign Language Film:
If Pan's Labyrinth doesn't win this award, something is seriously wrong with this world, In fact Pan's should have been up for the Best Picture Award.

Both Pan's Labyrinth and Children of Men really should win this category, but I'm going with Children of Men, which has two of the best scenes in cinema history, so it should win, for those tracking shots alone.

Original Screenplay:
Again Pan's Labyrinth should win here, it's the most imaginitive, creative movie out this year and it blows the competition away.

Adapted Screenplay:
Children of Men, hands down it's the best of the 5 listed here. I mean Borat for best screenplay, come on. If Children doesn't win, the academy needs to have professional help.

As for the rest of the categories I have no idea so here's my guesses for who will win, not who i want to win, based mostly on the titles (Unless Pan's Labyrinth or Children of Men was nominated):

Documentary Feature:
An Inconvenient Truth

Documentary Short Subject:
Recycled Life

Live Action Short Film:
Eramos Pocos

Film Editing:
Children of Men

Pan's Labyrinth

Art Direction:
Pan's Labyrinth

Sound Mixing:
Flags of Our Fathers

Sound Editing:
Letters from Iwo Jima

Visual Effects:
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Costume Design:
The Devil Wears Prada

Original Score:
Pan's Labyrinth

Original Song:
Our Town - Cars

Animated Feature:
Monster House
Ok so Happy Feet will likely win, because it's an enviromental film, but it's not the best animated movie, It's a propaganda film disguised as a Kid's Film and not worth anyone's time.

Animated Short Film:
No Time for Nuts


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