Monday, February 26, 2007

Me I did alright or great depending on how you look at it.
If we're basing it just on the Big Six Categories I got 5 out of 6! That's pretty impressive, especially when you figure Eddie Murphy was supposed to be a shoe-in for Best Supporting but it instead went to Alan Arkin. And although the people I wanted to win Best Actor/Actress didn't win, I said who it was likely going to go to and I was right. So out of the big 6 here's how I scored:
Best Picture - The Departed - Correct
Best Director - Martin Scorsese - Correct
Best Actor - Forest Whitaker - Correct
Best Actress - Helen Mirren - Correct
Best Supporting Actor - Alan Arkin - Correct
Best Supporting Actress - Jennifer Hudson - Wrong - I picked Cate Blanchett

Now if we go with every category I was sub-par. Out of 24 Awards I picked 11 right. And even though I was wrong I was still happy that Pan's Labyrinth picked up 3 awards, and that Little Miss Sunshine walked away with the best screenplay award.
Here's the one's I got right.
Documentary Feature - An Inconvenient Truth
Makeup - Pan's Labyrinth
Art Direction - Pan's Labyrinth
Sound Editing - Letters From Iwo Jima
Visual Effects - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Animated Feature - Happy Feet - Yes I said I wanted Monster House to win, but I said HF would likely win. Plus it was obviously the Environmental Oscars, what with them "going green" and giving awards to An Inconvenient Truth both for best song and best doc, and Happy Feet for best Animated Film. BTW in his acceptance speech when the director thanked the people who edited the trailer, i had to laugh because without them making it look like a kid's movie instead of a crappy political propaganda they wouldn't have made any money.

All in all it was the most enjoyable Academy Awards in quite sometime, a lot of which I think goes to Ellen, for doing a wonderful job as host, and for some categories which truly surprised, instead of it all being locked in months in advance.


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