Thursday, February 8, 2007

Coming This Week:

Unfortunately I’ve been sick and busy this week so I didn’t get all of these up earlier in the week, but here’s the movies hitting theaters this week.

Hannibal Rising

Yet another in the line of sequels/prequels to The Silence of the Lambs. Seriously after Hannibal and Red Dragon do we need anymore Hannibal? (If you want to see another movie with Hannibal that was actually good go rent Manhunter the first movie based on Red Dragon) The movie has something to do with how Hannibal became the monster he is today. But is there anyone who still cares?

Starring: Gaspard Ulliel as Lecter, Rhys Ifans, and Li Gong.

Rated: R for strong grisly violent content and some language/sexual references.


Once again Eddie Murphy returns to what he seems to like best, playing multiple characters in the same movie. Here he plays an average Joe, named Norbit, Rasputia, Norbit’s monster of a fiancé, and Mr. Wong, who I can only assume will be the Mr. Miyagi-like sage who dispenses with advice. The movie follows Murphy (Norbit) as he tries to escape Murphy (Rasputia) to be with the woman of his dreams, his childhood sweetheart, played by Murphy…no not really Thandie Newton plays the girl.

Starring: Eddie Murphy, Thandie Newton, Terry Crews, and Cuba Gooding Jr. (Who continues his post-Oscar run of questionable movies)

Rated: PG-13 for crude and sexual humor, some nudity and language

In My Opinion:

Truthfully if your only choices are the new movies out this week, my advice is to stay home. I haven’t heard much about Norbit, so I’d wait until next week to hear how the reviews are, as some of Murphy’s movies have been questionable in the last few years. As for Hannibal Rising, if you really must see a scary movie stay in, save some money and rent The Changeling.

The Changeling is a great flick from 1980, which follows George C. Scott as a man who has recently lost his family as he moves into a new house. Turns out the house is haunted and Scott races to find out what happened and solve the mystery of the Ghost's murder. A Classic, that many people haven’t seen, it’s got great scares and an actual plot.

As Usual I will also tell you to go see Pan’s Labyrinth & Children of Men if you’ve yet to do so, as I will continue to do until both have left the theaters.

Also here’s a Head’s Up for everyone for the weekend of Feb 24th. Select AMC theaters are showing all 5 movies nominated for Best Picture at this years Academy Awards. The Price is $30 and you get a Free large Popcorn and Soda with unlimited refills. Not a bad deal for only $30. Follow the link above to find out if it’s showing near you.


John said...

Chum, get in touch with me for some help on getting your wordpress up and running. I've got the next two days to myself and I'm a bit bored out of my brain.

kentbrantly said...

dude... what did you like so much about "children of men"? i felt it largely lacked a quality that i find to be necessary in movies: the quality of being entertaining. when it ended, my friend and i both looked at each other like "are you kidding me? that's it?"
it seemed like a movie that wanted to be deep, and pretended to be deep, but never really did what it takes to go deep.
i guess it wasn't all bad, but i don't plan on spending any more money to see it again, that's for sure.

The CineManiac said...

I loved the feeling of hope that this entire world got from this one pregnant woman. The scene where all of the soldiers stop in their tracks and go silent at the sight of the baby, really moved me.
And visually this is one of the most amazing movies I've ever seen, the scene with the attack in the woods and the scene where they are running through the bombed out city and he's trying to get back the girl and the baby are two of the most intense scenes I've ever seen with come of the most amazing cinematography I've seen in a long time.

The CineManiac said...

sorry I haven't been getting e-mail confirmations of the comments so I only just got this now.
Thanks for the offer though.

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