Tuesday, February 13, 2007

So yesterday over at Aint It Cool News they posted a story that I had to comment on.
Apparently Movie Posters just got better. In fact this may be the best thing to happen to Movie Posters since Movies (which itself was the best thing to happen to Movie Posters since the creation of Paper).
What, you ask, could have happened to Movie Posters that is this amazing? 3-D full color holograms. Apparently XYZ RGB, a company which offers high resolution scanning for films, has created technology that allows eight seconds of video to be manufactured as a paper thin 3-D hologram Movie Poster!!!
Yes, that's right 8 seconds of video on a piece of paper. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but if you think about it, any amount of seconds on a Piece of Paper is a lot! From the videos they have it appears to work like the lenticular posters that have been around for years, only better. Basically you move your head or walk from side to side and it appears to move. But these are Amazing. The best one appears to be the soccer player, but they all look pretty sweet. (You can see all these by clicking on the story Link above)
James Cameron has already apparently jumped on this bandwagon, with the company already having created a special T2 poster for him.
Seriously this could revolutionize the Movie Poster industry, imagine placing a small clip of your movie on the Poster, showing much more than the normal poster does.
Or you could place several different posters on the same sheet, that change as you move.
Check out all the sites linked in the AICN story, you won't be sorry.


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