Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So a couple of weeks ago there was a lunar eclipse and I think that I got some Super Powers from it a la Heroes. Unfortunately it would appear that the powers I gained were the Powers of the Sloth, which sadly is the power to have no motivation to do anything whatsoever. So I've done little to nothing on my Script since the first night (although that did get a 2 page outline and the first 3 pages of the script), I've done almost nothing on this blog, and basically last week on my week off I spent it watching TV and playing the Wii (although more watching TV than anything) The only good thing to come of this, for me anyways, was that I saw two new movies and Finished the first season of Battlestar Galactica.
But now on with the Reviews. Let's start with some mini-reviews and then hit a couple of bigger reviews.

Music & Lyrics
Stars: Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore
What's it About: Hugh Grant is an 80s Pop Star who's career has hit a new low. Luckily for him the new "It" girl (think Britney Spears and Shakira rolled into one) loves his 80s band and wants him to write her a new hit duo for the two of them. Grant has had trouble writing for years ever since the band split up and now is no different. But then he meets Barrymore a natural song writer with no clue of her talent. What follows is your typical rom-com.
What did I think: All in all a cute, albeit predictable, "Chick-Flick" makes for a great date movie. But I should also note that the screening we went to served alcohol before the film, which may have made it funnier. But if you do go see this stay through the credits to watch the "Pop-up Video" version of the 80s video it's quite enjoyable.
Why You Should See It: Because it's light, happy, and a great date flick. Just don't think you're getting anything more than that.

Because I Said So
Starring: Mandy Moore, Diane Keaton, Tom Everett Scott
What's it about: Mothers and Daughters and learning to let go.
What did I think: All in all a cute, albeit predictable, "Chick-Flick" makes for a great date movie. But alas no alcohol before this one, so maybe it could have been better. But really it was a good date movie.
Why You Should See It: Because it's light, happy, and a great date flick. Just don't think you're getting anything more than that.

Number 23
Starring: Jim Carrey, Virginia Madsen
What's it about: Madsen buys her husband, Jim Carrey, a book that she thinks he will like. Carrey begins to read this book, about a man's obsession with the number 23, and thus becomes a man obsessed with the number 23. The film follows as the number begins to take over his life.
What did I think: It was alright. It was enjoyable, but the ending felt off, and it didn't live up to my hopes. Since it was a Joel Schumacher film, I was already weary but I was hoping that this would be good Schumacher (A Time to Kill) and not bad Schumacher (Batman & Robin), it was somewhere in the middle. It wasn't terrible, but it was not what I had been hoping for.
Why You Should See It: This is a good question. If you like thrillers and you like Jim Carrey, you might want to see it. But as I said, the ending left me wanting more, and seemed almost too easy. So maybe you shouldn't see it.

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Edwards, & Robert Downey Jr.
What's it about: The true story of the Zodiac Serial Killer. This is based on the books by Robert Graysmith (Gyllenhall) a cartoonist for the San Fransisco Chronicle who become enthralled in the Zodiac case and took it upon himself to try and solve it. The movie focuses on both Graysmith and Paul Avery (Downey Jr.), the investigative reporter assigned the story as they try to gain more clues, but also on Inspectors David Toschi (Ruffalo) and Inspector William Armstrong (Edwards) as they try to solve the case themselves.
What I Thought: I loved it. I was worried going in that it was going to be a gory horror film, but instead I was pleasantly surprised to find a very well made drama. Gyllenhall does a great job carrying much of the film as Graysmith. Graysmith becomes obsessed with solving these murders and finding the killers, for reasons which are not really explained, and Gyllenhall does a great job of conveying this spiral into obsession. Ruffalo too does a great job as Toschi, the real life inspiration for Dirty Harry, as a man who wants to solve this horrific case, but eventually just wants to put it all behind him.
My Movie Going Experience: I have to say that this might be the most scared I have ever been, not of a movie, but of one of my fellow movie goers. I went to an early showing of this with about 40 other people in the theater. Yet even with so few people one guy decided he must sit right next to me (Ok 4 seats down, but still there's whole aisles without people on them!!!! And I was sitting on the end, nowhere near the middle) Well the movie starts and there is a murder (I promise this isn't giving anything away) and a call to 911 is played saying there's been a double murder and where it is and ends with the caller saying "And I Killed Them." And the guy next to me laughs. But he doesn't just laugh, he laughs as loud as I believe is humanly possible. He laughs so loud everyone, and I mean Everyone in the theater turns around or looks down to look at this guy. It was creepy, who laughs at something like that? I looked over and thought if he wasn't so young (Mid 30s) I'd believe he was the Zodiac. But he didn't stop, he just kept laughing at inappropriate moments. And then it got worse, he started laughing while snapping his fingers very wildly and loudly, it was obnoxious and distracting. Finally after about 30 min of this I decided to move. The triggering event was when he started laughing during the second set of murders. I'm sorry but these scenes are tense, dramatic, and disturbing and I firmly believe anyone laughing at that has severe mental issues. So I got up moved to the complete other side of the theater and tried to ignore his laughter and snapping.
Why You Should See It: Because it really is an intriguing, enthralling murder mystery. Don't let the fact that the murders remain officially unsolved keep you from seeing this. As far as the murders go, while the scenes can be disturbing, most of the violence (not all but most) takes place off screen, which is quite a relief. Truly a very good mystery/drama that enthralls. Plus I'm always a fan of getting more for your money and this movie clocks in at over 2.5 hours, so thats half an hour to an hour longer than most movies.

I'll be posting reviews of The Host and 300 soon.