Tuesday, April 3, 2007

First off here's more of my pics from the weekend, including all the one's with my non-famous friends from the Fuselage.

Friday night Mark Sheppard was overheard talking about his work on BSG and the new Bionic Woman pilot. He said there is a chance he could come back next season, and he'd been working all day on Bionic Woman, which is mostly the same crew as BSG.

I asked Mark is he was coming back on to Medium, even though his recurring character, Dr. Charles Walker, is pretty much done for. He said ask Javi, and Javi (Javier Grillo-Marxuach) said he's love to work him back into the show, maybe having Jack Walker, the living decedent return. Let's hope this happens as Mark always did bring some fun to his maniacal killer, Walker.

Sam Anderson said he'd be back on Lost this season as Bernard and I overheard him talking to L. Scott Caldwell, his TV spouse, Rose, about getting the info, which sounded like it was the info about their return to the show, and said that it was going to be in the next couple of weeks, which I take to mean as their return to the island to film their scenes.

Maggie Grace mentioned that she is currently filming two movies back to back, each of which want her as a brunette, her natural hair color. She mentioned the one she has been filming, Taken, co-stars Liam Neeson and that they realized their families were both from the same region of Ireland (yes she's Irish) and joked about them being related.
Also she and Sam Anderson discussed playing Father & Daughter on Miracles, a show I recently acquired on DVD and now look even more forward to watching, just as soon as I get BSG knocked out.

Adetokumboh M'Cormack
, who played Mr. Eko's brother Yemi, spoke with me about an independent movie he's working on about a young couple who are struggling with whether or not they should get an adoption. The movie deals with Racial issues, as it is an inter-racial couple, and also looks at it in a different way, since the male character wants to keep the baby, while the female wants to have the abortion.

Caleb Schultz, an assistant editor who works in the post-production department on Lost, also attended for awhile on Saturday night and I had some time to speak to him as well. First off we discussed what episodes they were currently working on. Caleb told me that they have 3 editors each working on different episodes. Episode 16 is currently almost done, Episode 17 is being edited for the Network to look at and is mostly done, and Episode 18 is in the beginning of being edited together. Also he told me the dailies form Episode 20 had started coming in. Caleb said that based on the script alone, episode 20 would be the best episode of Lost to date, in his opinion. Also, Caleb said they use the Avid systems because it makes it easier to go into the older episodes and get older scenes.
Also Caleb filled me in on the scenes from this last week's episode "Expose" where they placed Paulo, Nikki, Artz, and Ethan back into the footage from the Pilot. He was very proud of this and said that they had used a variety of sources to put it together. They took some alternate shots, and unused shots from the pilot and combined it with blue screen footage and new footage of the wreckage that they had recreated.
Personally I thought it was quite amazing how they were edited into the footage and found this great insight into exactly how much work went into those few minutes of footage.

A somewhat accurate, if superficial article can be found here.


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