Monday, April 23, 2007

Ok so it's been awhile but I'm here with a Super Quick Update.
1) I've seen two new movies since Thursday and will be reviewing them shortly (about halfway through writing them) but I have a paper to finish up so it will hopefully (fingers crossed) be up tonight. You can see what they are over on the left. Also short reviews of some of the movies I missed reviewing are coming soon.

2) One of those two films is Hot Fuzz! It's Amazing, Wonderful, and British. And apparently the British part is keeping people from seeing it. Don't. Let. That. Stop. You. It's really one of the best Action Movies to come out in a while. I'd put it up there with Casino Royale, which was amazing. The biggest difference is this is a Buddy Cop Action Comedy. A throwback to the Lethal Weapon Heyday.
Seriously go see it. But if you're opposed to violence (it's got a few gory moments) or Language (it's full of British profanity) then steer away. If like me, those things don't bother you that much then go see the movie. I don't know how or why it only made $5.8 million this weekend, But do us all a favor and go see it and try to get the Box Office numbers up this weekend.

3) New picture of the Joker up over at Ain't It Cool News. (Which I've posted below) This looks like a screen test shoot. They seem to be sticking to the more realistic take with the new Batman movie, much like Batman Begins, which I love. I particularly love how the trademark Joker smile is not just a big grin but instead a scar. Here it is for you:

Update: Apparently this picture is fake (tear) so I guess we'll just have to wait to see what the WB really does with the Joker. Here's hoping they move in this direction though.


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