Tuesday, May 15, 2007

As anyone reading this should know I'm a huge fan of Veronica Mars AKA "The Best Show On Television". Unfortunately I guess I should now call it "The Best Show That Used To Be On Television But Isn't Anymore Because Network Executives Are Morons" or TBSTUTBOTVBIABNEAM for short.
That's right reports are coming in from all over that VM is either not on the CW's Fall Sked or has been canceled altogether. What is wrong with this world? How come good shows get left behind after a few short seasons (This, Arrested Development) or don't even get a full season (Freaks & Geeks, Firefly, Wonderfalls, and pretty much everything else by Tim Minear) while crap gets to live on for ever.
And as if VM leaving wasn't painful enough the CW picked up One Tree Hill, Girlfriends, and The Game for another season. Seriously wee need another season of OTH? They're graduating high school leave them be. But possibly the most painful fact is knowing that while the CW is canceling VM, ABC is picking up Cavemen, a show based on those Geico Commercials! How is the world not imploding on itself right this very moment.
I'm still holding out a little hope that VM will find a home somewhere, but there is some good news. A few of my other favorite shows are coming back including Supernatural and the funniest show nobody's watching How I Met Your Mother.
Before I go watch my old DVDs and cry I leave you with a picture of Veronica as she looked in happier days:


JonGrubbs said...

Not to mention the fact that two days ago, I heard Studio 60 was going to be aired over the summer and at least finish out the first season. Then today, I read it's cancelled and the sets have been struck. Ugh, shows don't come back from set dismantling.

A message to ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS: Networks, if you order 13-23 episdodes, let the show finish it's initial run, please! The viewing public has to have time to get invested in characters. And, hey, no matter what, you will sell ads during those shows. The first season of the Simpsons pretty much sucks, but you stuck it out, and now it's the longest running show in the history of the universe!

The CineManiac said...

Jon let's not forget three other shows that weren't initial hits but eventually become hugely successful: Seinfeld, The Office, Friends.
Strangely they all have one thing in common: NBC, yet they dropped the ball with Studio 60.
But I agree once a show's been ordered, why waste the space with something like Reruns of House/George Lopez (Fox/ABC I'm talking to you about Drive/Daybreak!)
Are those reruns really making you that much more money that it's worth losing the Millions you spent on each episode?

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