Friday, June 8, 2007

Last Night Sci-Fi threw an all access event to celebrate Battlestar Galactica inviting all the fans and members of the press, guilds, and the Academy. For all the details of the Q&A go here because Jace does a far better job than I ever could detailing the events. (For an even more detailed story about the evening go here.)
I got in line at 11:30ish am about 8.5 hours before the event was set to begin, but to my surprise they actually had announced earlier that day (possibly the night before) that there would be a screening of the Season Finale beginning at 6:00 which meant we got to go in 2 hours earlier! Unfortunately this meant Jonathan wouldn't make it in time, since he got off work at 6, which put a kink in our plans, luckily he had his wife's SAG card and we had a back-up.
I was about 15 in line, but made friends quickly with all around me, so we kept watch over other's things and were able to leave when we needed to.
At around 1:30 the MC came out and handed everyone a "Frak Off" shirt for being there, and then began a time of trivia and impressions giving out VIP tickets and Season Sets on DVD.
I didn't get either, but that's ok. At around 5:30 Bodie Almos AKA HotDog came out and said hi to the fans and thanked everyone for coming out, I got a couple of pictures of him and Christian, the MC and one with Bodie and myself.
A little while later the Admiral himself, Edward James Olmos came out to greet the fans, thanks us for coming, and answer some questions. Much like the elusive Bigfoot of Legend, Olmos was hard to capture on film. If I had not seen him with my own eyes I would not believe he was there, or that he existed, but you'll have to take my word for it, as he evaded my lense at every turn and managed to keep me from taking a good picture. See for yourself below. (The last one is my favorite because it's blurry and he's got that Bigfoot pose going on)

We then went into the theater, Jon showed up moments before it started and thanks to his SAG card was VIP, so I quickly snuck up next to him and we sat behind Mark Sheppard (Romo Lampkin), Bodie, and Eddie Olmos. It was great sitting behind them and watching their reactions to the episode.
During the break we spoke to Robert "Bob" Young, whose directed 4 episodes among other things, he was a very kind older man and was nice enough to chat with us for about 10 minutes about making movies, television, and just stuff.
After the Q&A was over I spoke with EJO for a second just to thank him for coming out and he shook my hand, which was Frakkin' Awesome!!!!!!
But the best part of the night came after we had left the event, Jonathan and I got out parking validated and were walking to the bathroom, when I spotted Katee Sackhoff walking towards us to the VIP event. She had to members of the security team walking with her and between me and her were two guys with posters asking for autographs. The security guards said she couldn't sign anything and Katee said no problem as long as they had pens. As she walked up to me I asked if I could take a picture, and not wanting to take much of her time I was just going to take one of her. Instead she asked if I wanted to be in it and started to take the camera to take it herself, and I said Jonathan could take it for us. Below is that picture, and I have to say it was a perfect end to an amazing day!


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