Saturday, June 23, 2007

First off I loved Ocean's 11, it was fun, campy and the heist was an enjoyable romp. Then came Ocean's 12, a movie whose cast promised us we'd have as much fun watching it as they did filming it, unfortunately this was a lie. The cast apparently had so much fun filming it that they forgot to come up with a plot that wasn't a contrived, over-complicated mess. So I was a little worried about seeing Ocean's 13, until I started seeing the reviews and read that director Steven Soderberg had dubbed this "Ocean's 13: The One We Should Have Made Last Time" and so I was convinced to give it a chance, and I'm glad I did.
This movie is more like the first one, it's funny, exciting, and it's truly enjoyable to watch them pull off their con. The movie involves the new owner of a casino who has double crossed Elliot Guild's Rueben. Ocean and his normal crew (minus Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta Jones from the last movie) as they try to devise a plan to milk the casino of over $500 million in a manner of minutes. In the end it's truly enjoyable and almost erases the mess that was Ocean's 12.
In the end if you liked Ocean's 11, then you will enjoy this one, and if you liked Ocean's 12, then you have no taste in movies and you'll enjoy this one as well. So if you liked either of the first to go enjoy this one.


ally said...

I totally agree with all you said here - across the board (though, I liked 12 better than you, but still thought it was very flawed).

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