Monday, September 24, 2007

Fall, the time when the temperature drops, leaves begin to change colors, the movies in theaters change from the summer blockbuster to the smaller Oscar caliber movies, and the new fall shows premiere on television. It's a time when my DVR goes into overdrive as I always try to check out some of the new shows while keeping up with my old shows. Sure some of them get dropped by the wayside within a few weeks, but you never know which ones. So here below is my television schedule for this fall, along with my best bets for most nights. All Times are Pacific.

8:00 - How I Met Your Mother (CBS) / Chuck (NBC)
8:30 - Aliens in America (The CW) or The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
9:00 - Heroes (NBC)
10:00 - Journeyman (NBC)
Best Bet(s):
How I Met Your Mother - Easily the funniest show on tv. NPH (Neil Patrick Harris for you non-HIMYMers) steals every scene he's in, but the entire ensemble does an amazing job. Seriously you have to watch it, it's gonna be Legen - wait for it - dary!
Heroes - One of the best shows on TV. The show is serialized and mysterious, but gives you answers almost every week. In it's first season it was almost perfect, although it's finale lacked some punch, But this season they came up with a way to make the show even better: First, split it up into multiple story arcs, and Second, hire Kristen Bell. Seriously you can't go wrong with KB in your corner.

8:00 - Beauty & The Geek (The CW)
9:00 - Reaper (The CW) / House (Fox)
Best Bet:
Reaper - My second favorite of the new pilot I've seen. It's a supernatural, action comedy, and if it holds on to the fun of the first episode it's got a real potential.

Wednesday AKA Busy Night
8:00 - Pushing Daises (ABC) / Kid Nation (CBS)
9:00 - Private Practice (ABC) / Gossip Girl (The CW) / Criminal Minds (CBS) (maybe is we don't like PP or GG) / Bionic Woman (NBC) - (Bionic Woman will be reshown Fridays @ 7 on Sci-Fi)
10:00 Life
12:00am - Ghost Hunters (catching the replay since it's on at 9:00pm)
Best Bet:
Pushing Daises - Easily the best new show of the year. It's a whimsical, beautiful "forensic fantasy" on the outside with a wonderful romance of two people who can't ever touch hidden at the heart of the show. If the show can keep the beautiful whimsy of the pilot it will be a hit. It'll either last less than 13 episodes of 5 seasons.

8:00 - Ugly Betty (ABC) / My Name is Earl (NBC)
8:30 - 30 Rock (NBC)
9:00 - Grey's Anatomy (ABC) / The Office (NBC)
9:30 - Scrubs (NBC)
Best Bet:
30 Rock/The Office: A dream comedy line-up! Laugh for an hour straight and give 30 Rock a chance. These two put up quite a fight with HIMYM just narrowly beating them for funniest show on TV.

7 - Bionic Woman
9 - Woman's Murder Club

8 - Viva Laughlin

Supernatural - One of my favorite shows on Television. It's consistently well written, with great new takes on old legends and new ghosts and it's the scariest thing on network tv. So why's ot on my iTunes list? Because it's on against several shows Jeri likes, and I'd rather watch those with her.
Smallville - I haven't yet decided if I'll d/l this one or not. It's a decent show but half the time I just find myself not caring. We'll see how it goes.

And there you have it, my TV viewing schedule for the next few weeks, before cancelations and realization of awfulness change it.

What will you be watching this season? And does the fact that some shows are available online either for free or through iTunes change what you watch? Let me know.


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